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What happens when I haven't updated for far too long...
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(Written Wednesday 16 September 2015)

I'd intended to clear out my Firefox links to Tumblr today, but I'm started to feel tired, and it would probably eat more of my brain than I'd like. Hopefully I might have some brain for writing sometime today. [ETA - didn't happen :( ]

It occurred to me that when I spend more time at work, I have less brain to interact with people on the internet with, and that hits affects the amount of posts I make to LJ and DW. It's not merely how much time I spend out of the house, but how demanding of energy things are, and the fruitshop/cafe is getting a little bit worse because there's a new admin and sometimes I have to show them things. So I lose some energy dealing with New Person on a fairly regular basis, and, well... I write posts sometimes? Half of which linger on my desktop forever because it's easier to type up a new post than it is to edit an old one.


I have finished reading Moon Called. It was kind of cool until the werewolves became a proper fixture, and then they were all dominant/submissive, and of course all the major players were domininant types. Nnngh. At least Keri Arthur was very explicit about what she was doing. I'm glad I haven't run into a great amount of that kind of werewolf thing (and I kind of want to write a thing just to skewer that kind of dynamic now) - I'm fine with people writing D/S, but in name of all that's holy why does that need to be entwined with wolfiness, or animal-ness at all? Real wolves don't do that. I very much doubt real anything does that to that degree.


Oh, um, apparently my Irish teacher thinks its fun to poke fun at politicians losing their games of musical chairs until his pretty loses his chair. Ah well. I now have a handful of future tense verbs written in my exercise book, and their corresponding present and past tenses. As for me, I... I'm hopeful again, I guess you could say. Right now, I think I could live with it if Turnbull won the next election. I have a feeling that the Greens are going to win a hell of a lot of seats then as well, but it's still a long time away.

I think, maybe....
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... that I might give myself more time to finish the novella.

I started rewriting the start monday and yesterday; and it's not just okay, but good. Something I'm happy with, rather than just being good enough. But the new start bits need to be joined up to the old bits, and I need to describe what was actually happening more, rather then infodumping, and weave the new bits in and make sure I have setting-description everywhere so people aren't just talking in a void, and rewrite the ending, because it is serious zero-draft stuff.

It will be good, when I make it that way. And when, not if.

I also need to slow down - I've been writing at sprint-pace for a month, and it's - I think I started to wind down and wind out last weekend. Or maybe it was just the 'I don't wannas' rearing their ugly head.

It would be nice, also, to have actual time to put into cover and layout design (and to get the freaking EIN), and to have some kind of professional-ish web prescence and or mailing list thing, so I can put the actual links in the back of the book, so everyone will have those links rather than only anyone who buys it a month after it was released.

A baby writing career. I should probably be more terrified.

And also-also it would be really nice to make plans for something resembling a celebration on my birthday. I will be 30, after all. May as well enjoy it.

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Saw ep 9 on last friday; seen everything so far except ep5, I think.

It's freaking evil. I love it.

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Continuum this weekend! Yay!

(Whose finalisting their costume this morning? Me! Booo...)

I was going to lock a couple of posts and stuff, because I'm an idiot, but like, on any social media where I say more than 'I did a thing, would you like to enjoy the thing?', I'm going to eventually say or do something that... that is not entirely socially acceptable, or just really ill-advised, and I need to figure out how to cope with that

Reading: Finished Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins, and then read Siren Beat Byt Tansy Rayner Roberts, which was the awesome - urban fantasy where the monsters come in from the sea to make trouble. Haven't started the other novella with it yet.

Writing: a big fat none.

Other: ukulele events the last two saturdays - there was a play-along at the community centre's festival last weekend, which was pretty good but reminded me that I don't cope great with playing with the music on my knees and feeling like I don't know what's going on. Weekend before, a uke group came down to the centre to play with our group, and the centre advertised it so a couple of other people came around and it was huge and awesome and the other group had better songs and players than us :)

My hands still smell like chlorine
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I finally got out of the fruitshop almost an hour late - the dog of one of the volunteer's was sick and we closed early because we were shortstaffed, so they needed me to help clean up. Hence the chlorine - aka bleach solution.

I had sort of planned to post on the weekend but I kind of didn't organise myself very well. That one post that I wanted to do kind of turned into three, though. And also, I made a conscious effort not to engage in my usual method of using my downtime, so I ended up watching a couple more of the movies I owned but hadn't watched, finished reading Kin, painted my nails, planted the thyme I brought home from the fruit shop last week but hadn't planted yet, washed my clothes, played Jill of the Jungle again, wrote.

It was a good weekend, even if I didn't get around to posting.

Reading: Finished Kin, Tales of Beauty and Madness book 3, Lili St. Crow. I find that this author is consistently pretty awesome. I love the way she uses words and the worldbuilding is amazeballs, even if I'm not completely sure when the timeline departed from ours (magical apocalypse, basically) and don't entirely understand what's going on (most of the worldbuilding is by implication, rather than being spelt out). However, … content warning for partner violence.

Writing: A scene of the fanfic was bugging me so I wrote it. Unfortunately, it was an endy scene and I'm sure I'll have to change some part of it by the time I actually get up to it. Fortunately, I wrote some of the start (again) this morning.

I probably won't be posting anything tomorrow - I won't be free until probably 9:30 tomorrow night, as my tuesdays usually go.

Big Hero 6 and other things
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I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to try to post every day. Or to at least try.

However, the post I had written for today is being postponed while I make sure I'm happy with it, and that it says what I need it to say.

So I'll just have to write another one. :)

I watched Big Hero 6 for the first time this afternoon. It is a really good movie, I liked its themes a lot (questioning use of violence, mainly) and it gave me feels. I have nitpicks about the story being so strongly about Hiro and (the robot) that the rest of the team could have been taken out and it wouldn't have affected the plot much - which would have been sad, because I really liked the team, especially Honey and GoGo. I think they may have made Honey darker-haired and darker-eyed for the DVD release?

There is an after-credits scene, and if you have seen the movie and haven't seen it, you need to.

The short that came with it, Feast, was gorgeous and gave me feels (and also DOGGY!), but was kinda misogynistic in the way stuff gets when no one questions the defaults that are being referenced.

I'm having brain-soup thoughts about violence in media, and the relationship between violence and power and gender (I also watched Snow White and the Huntsman again after Big Hero 6, and I'm on a temporary break from SVU), but I'm not sure I'll be able to get them coherent enough to make an actual post on it. Not right now, at least.

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Today at volunteering the boss-people weren't there; but their part-time admin was, and it was kind of interesting. The usual collection of volunteers and community services placement people were there, making about five of us and not much to do.

There was also a cool woman who was talking very eloquently about how basically economics is bullshit and banks are bullshit, and how things have been changing away from stuff being local community centred. Cool stuff.

The creepydude wasn't there today either, which was good. Long story short, he said inappropriate things, I wrote them down later and went '...this is beyond some sort of innocent slip-up', I told the 2IC, because the boss-boss is on holiday, she said that I didn't have to deal with him if I felt uncomfortable with it. I would have liked to have gone into more detail, because the list I have kind of goes from... I think it's plausible that the dude may be an actual predator, but I'm not sure that if I raise anything that 2IC will do anything, and the boss-boss won't be back for at least another week. 2IC also indicated that said dude was creepy, but didn't say anything to me until she thought I was asking for an excuse to not-deal with him, and I'm a bit annoyed because I could have used confirmation that she thought he was creepy to make better decisions rather than assuming that he was probably harmless.

So yay, he wasn't there today.

Reading: Kin, Lili St Crow. I'm not very far in, but it is the usual awesome. It's the third book in her YA fairytale series, and the setting is really cool. The books themselves are pretty dark, though. As in the second book, the Cinderella one, is basically about family violence.

Writing: kinda stuck, whine. Small whine. Kind of stuck on Chained, again-again; the fanfic I Should Not Be Writing is having fun eating up brainspace while stubbornly refusing to pull into a shape where I can work on it. It is good research-practise though, in that most of what I need to know is, or should be, publicly findable *somewhere*.

A bit too late on a monday night - I've got volunteering tomorrow
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I haven't been blogging partly because of the risk of it turning into all the SVU - I'm nearly finished season 6, and also mucking around with some fanfic ideas on the side, including (mostly Australian) legal system research, which is going slowly because my brain likes going 'no, searching that on google is bad and will make bad happen' * headdesk *

(I really screwed up the legals one with a massive conflict of interest problem, as in my main mine-character is meant to be legally representing my main not-mine-character, but the victim of the crime not-mine-character is accused of is mine-character's sister. There are ways I can sort of get around it without changing anything, but it's really not ideal as far as plausibility goes. )

Life has been randomly interesting. I volunteered at a community festival at a sausage sizzle, which I handled well even though it got really busy. I have my food handlers' certificate and I've done an espresso coffee course - both useful for volunteering at the fruit shop-slash-cafe, except that the way they make coffees at the cafe is different to the way I learnt at the course. The way the espresso teacher makes chai is the best. Chai spices (not powder) and soy milk and honey. It was amazing.

And so...

Reading: The Truth, Terry Pratchett. I hadn't read anything of his before, and now, well... yeah. It took a bit to get into? I'm at the point where I'm starting to get into it, but it hasn't really grabbed me. It's funny, yes, but it doesn't character in a way I have feelings about? Though I have the feeling that I would get better character out of the witch books or the watch books.

Before that, I finished City of Bones, Cassandra Clare. was okay? The plotting kind of sucked, as in, most of it was chain-of-events and felt like it was providing actiony filler before the end plot kicked in a couple of chapters before the end. Like the plot wasn't going anywhere.

Writing: Some. Sort of. I'm at about 6K on the new draft of Chained... and I've been there for a week because I got stuck and haven't put enough time into getting unstuck. Yet. The SVU fic with the legals has 3K I think, but I... uh. Still need to figure out how the murder needs to happen to have all the elements and the outcome I want. It's messy. Pun not intended.

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Reading: Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie. I feel like I'm having trouble following characters and events through the flashback chapters and the 'now' chapters. And the gender thing is kind of - it is so much easier to think of everyone as female. I like it, but actually understanding what is going on in great depth is beyond my capacity right now. It would be better in rereads.

Writing: Nothing right now. I had planned to make a new years' resolution to work on a story that was both tertiary world fantasy and isn't mostly plotted around a romance, because that's the kind of setting that had me wanting to write in the first place and I haven't actually finished a novel. It doesn't help that I can't tell whether Chained is a distraction or not when I'm working on it, and Dragonshifter is main-plot romance and probably shouldn't be.

I think my actual problem with not-doing research is that I need to see a clear path between the information I want and how to acquire that information. And with tertiary world fantasies I tend to start from 'I want this to not look like any other real-world culture but be internally consistent', and that's not really a lot to go on.


Dear Brain:

...the hell?

So you managed to figure out how to manufacture an obsession with a character out of nothing more than forebrain declaring 'I like this character' and 'it would be really cool if I wrote a fanfic where x happens to character.' That is... either extremely cool or highly disturbing.


Whyyyyyyyyy did it have to be a character on *that* tv show? Because that is literally the only tv show that Housemate owns that has made you go 'nope, not watching more of that episode', where the main character sometimes drives you up the wall, and the things that happen on there are pretty terrible.

And it's not even cool like Criminal Minds.

(It's terrible like Criminal Minds, though)

Whyyyyyyy did it have to be SVU? Whyyyyyyyy?


(Honestly, right now I think Criminal Minds is worse.)

I'm kind of oscillating between 'it's cool, lots of people watch this, right?' and the occasional 'oh dear gods how the hell do I even watch this, that's awful.'

I don't know. I have thoughts about how I see it as being fairly conservative while it sees itself as somewhat liberal, I have thoughts about some specific sexism, I have thoughts on cast diversity... I have thoughts.


(Aaand this is having a high-ish chance of ending up with fanfic - not the one I first got in my head for reasons but still - I mainly need to research the Australian legal system, and I think I have some rough ideas where to start, and if I'm wrong a certain amount of what I need will be publicly available somewhere. So kind of good middle-ground to start tackling the research problem.)

Happy Federation Day!
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Today is the 114th anniversary of the federation of Australia, or you know, the Australia day that isn't Invasion Day. This is the 'when Australia was voted into existence as a united entity-slash-nation-state' day. And a day for new starts.

And less problematic than Invasion day. But not unproblematic. Nothing is unproblematic.

And so, happy Australia Day!

It's stil 2014 somewhere (belated end of year wrap up)
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This year has kind of been interesting for me.

I've spent most of the last year avoiding looking for work, because the very thought would drag me into a mental death and doom spiral. It's probably literally the stupidest thing I've done, ever, and I am really accomplished with the stupid.

And I did finally start getting onto it. And it's sucked. But sucking is something I can figure out how to cope with - I'm not mentally ill, my brain weasels can be negotiated with. Talking to someone else still helps. It's the best help.

Writing has been going in circles, mostly. I've figured out that there's a point at which adding cool new ideas to a story is not actually going to make it a better story, and is mostly a waste of time. I temporarily stopped work on Chained to chase a bright shiny - someone on tumblr was saying that if you did x, y, and z, you could write something that would chart on Amazon, and I thought 'the worst possible thing that would happen is that I'd end up with another novel', and this is the story behind the Dragonshifter novel. And the dozen or so terrible erotica short stories on my USB that are all half-written.

On the up side, this year I started playing ukulele and started learning Irish. I love ukulele, it's got a shallow learning curve and even the more complicated chords on it aren't as hard as what guitar can dish out.

Irish is not easy. It's extremely interesting - the way it approaches prepostitions is extremely cool but sometimes it's hard to get your head around. And spelling-to-pronounciation is not really that easy. Of the three non-English languages I've studied since high school, Irish is the hardest. But it is good to be doing another language again. (And good conlang food, actually.)

I've spent a lot of the year failing at internet - I have a LJ, a DW, a twitter and a tumblr, I haven't posted on the last two much at all, and the first two I've only been blogging sporadically, and checking comments even less frequently. I'd like to get more organised. I'd like to be talking to people online more. But I have been posting. That is a thing.

Once upon a December
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Reading: Since I last posted, there have been several books. Yesterday I finished The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, via marathon reading session partly because there wasn't anything else I really wanted to do, and partly because I wanted to find out what the hell was going to happen. You know how most novels have a sort of predictable plot with certain archetypes of characters that are predestined to do certain things? Not this series.

The author is really specific with her prose, as well. Thick, brain-crunchy prose of the detail-overload kind, but in a good way. Sort of Cat Valente-esque, but sharper and modern-feeling and less dreamlike.

This is the kind of series that's really heavily built on what came before - most of the plot is a development from a (surprise-type) spoiler in the first book, the background of one of the main characters is a major (plot) spoiler from the first book.

Also read: The Scent of Shadows and The Neon Graveyard, which are respectively the first and last books in the zodiac superhero series I was reading and finished basically because sunk costs and that I had the last book in the series. And reread Indexing, which was a lot better the second time around. I understood why Sloane is shouty and contrary and stompy a lot better this time around.

Writing: There was writing nearly every day between about the 8th of November and 15th of December, mostly on the dragonshifter thing, until a) it stalled and b) while sorting out the forward plot I realised it probably doesn't have enough plot for an actual novel (and also c) realised that maybe I'm really better off not trying to write something that has a romance main plot because the best outcome for those so far has been the plot morphing into an adventure thing aka Bootgirl).

The fanfic that wants to eat my brain may well turn me into an amateur folklorist. (Damn you, Seanan! *shakes fist*)(I'm not entirely that upset by it, really)

Life: December has been kind of nuts. I didn't get the hang of December this year. Between not keeping track of stuff and having one thing blow up that made other things blow up that lost me a week, yeah. Christmas was good. I'm having next week off volunteering but I'm going to need the monday to fix something else that blew up on me.

Can I say, it's creepy that Amazon can pick up what you've been looking at on the internet and reflect that in it's 'maybe you'd like to buy this?' section. (Damn you, cookies! *shakes fist*) (But really, it's creepy.)

It's probably time to stop pretending that there's something else really interesting that I haven't yet seen on the internet today, and go job hunt.

The Halloween that was
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After trying to convince her that The Winter Soldier and The Addams Family are both horror movies suitable for Halloween night viewing, I may have told Housemate that I had a movie about a ghost helping the main character to avenge their murder via serial killer* that is totally a horror movie, honest-to-goodness, cross my heart. She remained unconvinced.

Housemate and I ended up watching four movies: The Eye, I am Legend, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and Psycho, breaking for dinner after The Eye, and breaking for SingStar after Friday the 13th. I hadn't seen the first three. I had seen Psycho, for year 11 media (over 10 years ago, it frightens me to say) but Housemate hadn't, and I spent most of it studiously avoiding answering questions like 'Is she going to die? Is he the killer? Is it his mother? Does anyone else die in this film?'

I liked The Eye, and would like to see the Chinese version. I am Legend was really boring and also thank photon for spoilers. During Friday the 13th I began amusing myself by shouting 'show us your dick' at the screen after having seen a few too many naked breasts. (And after having drunk a can of coke.)

We had a total of five trick-or-treaters, travelling in two groups, with two costumes between them. I'd completely forgotten how unsettling it is when unexpected people come to our front door. I'd bought a big bag of lollies, and we still ended up with enough left to make gross jokes with during Psycho. (At one point all it took was for me to hold up a pale green snake for both of us to get the giggles)

Housemate said that maybe next year she should dress up as the Fourth Doctor and we could get a bag of jelly babies. That would be cool.

*I... just realised that this is pretty much the movie Ghost, the one with Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore? Except that I was referring to FF7:Advent Children, which I would usually describe with the phrases 'breaks all the laws of physics. And all the laws of canon.'**

**The canon-breaking leaves me all 'you kids stay off my lawn!' but I can do nothing but approve of the physics law-breaking. So much carnage! So many swords! So much motorbike-related destruction! How did you push that glowy-ball into your arm?

Halloween! In the dead of the night, hear you scream...
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...just keep running, keep on running yeah, just keep running...


Also, Beltane! But not Bealtinne - I think that's May, off the top of my head.

(Guess what November is called in Gaelige! Guess!)

Me and my housemate are doing a horror movie marathon tonight, and I don't know what movies we're doing, probably because I keep going 'We should watch The Winter Soldier for Halloween! Bucky's makeup looks scary, right?' 'We should watch The Addams Family movie! Because, Addams family!'

(I wonder if I can talk her into Advent Children. The antagonist is a serial killer, after all. And not that easy to kill - literally back from the dead.)

(I still haven't seen it again, and I still Need To for fanfic research. I am slightly pathetic.)


I have a ghost story! Sort of. My friend who gives me a lift to kung fu, when she came on monday her car was covered in white petals. She said that her neighbours have a Japanese Cherry tree and another tree that she didn't know the English name for but it's considered bad luck in China because half of it is the word for ghost. They sometimes harbour ghosts, and they're often planted around cemetaries.

She said the petals were from the Cherry, but if they're not...

Her car may be haunted. By a tree.

No suspicious activity has occurred in the car as yet, but who knows...

The English name for the tree is the Chinese Scholar tree or Pagoda tree. Just so you know. Just in case there's one planted outside your window, in case its branches scratch against your window tonight. Just in case it's haunted by the ghost of the woman died in your house under suspicious circumstances years before you moved in, who still seeks vengeance for her death against the occupants of the house.

Just in case.

Not so much to report
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Reading: I started Clariel? And it's good? I'm only up to the first chapter so far, but it's got a really nice classic YA high fantasy setup so far - daughter feels constrained by the things parents want for her, they're moving to the capital and have expectations for her, and she isn't happy about any of it.

Cut for mildish spoilersCollapse )

Life: My week has been unusually full of things. Monday there was a cooking demonstration at volunteering, tuesday was the first time my brain had cracked it at volunteering for ages, wednesday was my day off but I just wasn't able to settle into doing anything and was teary for what reason I don't know, thursday I thought I was going to be serving tea to strangers but I ended up washing dishes (yay!) and friday was directing car park traffic so the Lions' club could money and telling people they couldn't come into the carpark that way. I didn't get yelled at, so I was happy enough with that.
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Apparently fridays are pretty grouse too. Also I have Clariel.
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Who has Clariel? I have Clariel! I hadn't thought they'd re-cover the series, but only because I hadn't thought about it at all.

(Who hasn't read Clariel? Me! Because I was rereading Keri Arthur for reasons that seemed only vaguely questionable at the time.)

(On one hand it's fun, on the other hand I reeeeaaalllly started to notice how strongly rape-culture-flavoured it is - the female main character is literally turned on by the thought that a prospective partner is physically, societally, or psychically more powerful than her, and because she's poly-until-she-finds-the-one, that pattern has held through five sexual partners over two books. The character signalled to be the one she ends up with is an immensely old vampire (read: physically strong, psychically strong enough to be able to wipe memories and compel people to do things against their will) who is a company CEO. And some of said sexual partners are arseholes. And a lot of 'men are from mars, women are from venus' in dialogue, even with an arse-kicking MC. I think my powers of feminism have grown stronger since the last time I read those two books.)

(Also I started Ancillary Justice, and then wasn't sure I could brain it properly - I know I'm likely to just go along with thinking of all 'she' characters as female and then get surprised when its relevant.)

Writing: This scene hates me. Bad scene!

Life: Going out to lunch tomorrow with 1/3 of the indig plant group and then going to house of Irish teacher dude who has a thing for Australian natives. It might be awesome. It might be cringe-inducing. Who knows?

Last saturday, I went to a calisthenics comp to watch mum be all masterful and stuff (her age group is Masters, pun!). Out of five teams, hers was second last in all the different items except for revue, which they won.

Saturday seems to be a good day for posting
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There's been a few things I haven't done for a while, posting being one of them...

Reading:I have finished reading the Disappearance of Ember Crow, and was having complicated thoughts. I've found with both Ember and the first book, Ashala, that the first third or half of the book didn't really grab me, not until the revelations started. I really enjoyed Ember once that kicked in, but before, I was kind of 'I'll finish this one, but I'm not sure I want to read the next one when it comes out.' And I know there's reasons that the books work that way - there seems to be a thing recently in my reading with books not working quite the way I'm used to books working in a particular genre, and what being that comfortable with certain forms means for stories that don't fit those forms.

Writing: Internet silence has mostly been due to discovering that I can make incredible wordcounts if I spend lots of time at the computer, and starting to trying to fix problems before I get to the end of the draft, and I don't know if that's a good way to do things or a waste of time.

I think with writing I eventually get to the point where putting new awesome in means an equal amount of awesome gets taken out. I don't think I'm at that point with this story (dragonshifter thing) but I think I'm at it with Chained.

(internet silence was also due to running out of internet and then waiting a while to get more.)

Music: So, I can now play House of the Rising Sun on three instruments - guitar, ukulele and keyboard. Or more accurately, I can now play the chords for House of the Rising Sun on ukulele and keyboard, and mostly replicate the picking pattern except for the E chord on the uke. I might need to see if I can find a better E chord for the uke - the one I have doesn't use the 3rd string, which is somewhat pesty. I can do it fine, because guitar and knowing how to mute strings but the muting mucks up the strumming pattern and if I take it to Uke group, the muting might be trouble.

On keyboard it has two chords I do not have - the E and the D, which I got with a chord chart and a couple of minutes playing. Wheee!

I figured out how to play Oh, Michelle on the uke as well. Heee!

Switching between guitar and uke is kind of interesting sometimes. Chords that are hard on guitar are often easy on uke, and vice-versa. Not that uke-hard is anywhere near as hard as guitar-hard.

In other musical news, I've been noodling at Rocksmith again, and I'm really out of practise with everything.

Monday is dreaming
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I've started writing this post about three times now - I didn't post earlier because I was still on the end of having a flu thing and not quite feeling like putting words out into cyberspace to stay there for ever and ever. Or just because I didn't feel like doing much, even though I wasn't achey all over.

Reading: Wayfarer, Lili St. Crow. It was really good - a punky Cinderella retelling with an abusive stepmother. Not sure what to read next.

Writing: not much, because I wasn't feeling like doing very much, but in the last week there's been some songwriting noodling. Listening to Seanan McGuire's album Wicked Girls and having someone in the house playing Crisis Core is an interesting combination.

I love how the more I listen to her songs, the more I get out of them. I think I've picked up another layer or two to 'My Story is Not Done', and another layer to how the album fits together thematically as well. So many of the songs are a metaphor for something else, even when you know that a certain song is about character x from series y.

Gaming: Housemate has started playing Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, and we've had this odd spoiler standoff wherein I don't want to know much detail about what actually happens in the game, but I know roughly what shape it will take because I remember most of the original FF7 in a pretty good amount of detail.

Watching: No tv, since it broke (no Doctor Who D:) but housemate and I have watched about half of the first season of Continuum, which is really good. It's a time travel thing - cop gets dragged back in time with members of a terrorist organisation from 2077 to 2012 - and it asks questions about the morality of changing the past, hints that the bad guys might actually be in the right, and all that. I do hope the bad guys are in the right - most of the group are ethinic minorities - they look like a terrorist group from a Hollywood movie, and it just seems a bit too cartoony for the rest of the everything they pull.

Saturday Runs Rings Around Everyone
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Reading: I have finished A Natural History of Dragons and started The Blood She Betrayed by Cheryse Durrant. Wasn't a fan of the first chapter, due to dude being too oogly, still read to the end of chapter 4 because it was pretty fun. I was expecting it to be more otherworld-fantasy from the cover and the blurb on the back, but it's urban fantasy, with third person dual points of view between the hapless but rich dude and the warrior-magic chick lady.

Dragons continued to be really good right to the end, and also dealt with some of the things that come up when White Imperial Europeans go off to Exotic Lands to further the cause of Science.

Writing: Going slowly, but there has been some, mostly on The One that Formerly Wasn't Going to See the Light of Day, But Now I'm Not So Sure. I'm going to need to do proper plot outlining for Officemancer - I keep on writing fragments that don't have an ending, and this is the usual fix for that. TOtFWGtStLoDBNINSS has a vague outline, though I don't know why the bad guys are doing the things of bad yet.

Movies: I watched the Third Indiana Jones movie with housemate last night. As much as they're fun, they're also very much a litany of 'imperialist, imperialist, racist, racist, let's throw in some sexism for good measure, racist, imperialist again' - it's kind of vilely fascinating. And I know there's implications of things that I'm not picking up.

Oh, um, of Guardians of The Galaxy - for a movie where the main character sleeps around and has little respect for those he sleeps with, where the lone female protagonist is a defector from evil and is really good in a fight but still has to be rescued, where the lone female antagonist is the big bad's 'daughter' and also the 'sister' of the female protagonist, and generally pretty sexist, it's a really good movie, and I really enjoyed it.

Life: Uh, the berry trees that I thought were going to die did not die, in Pokemon? And the tv finally decided that giving us vision was too much hard work, so my laptop is now the primary source of entertainment in the house, which kind of isn't great for writing. I am going out for birthday dinner tonight, and I hope the clothes that I washed last night are dry by then.

Listening to music makes me feel more scattered than usual. Not that I'm doing that now - I wouldn't want writing a blog post to take hours, and if I was listening to words, it might.


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7 August, 2014
cinnamon sparrow
It's my birthday.

I'm listening to Aqua and Icehouse and LadyHawke and Seanan McGuire on my new MP3 Player. I've just bought a handful of Disney movies, a couple of sci fi series, and the first series of Digimon from JBHiFi, and saw Guardians of the Galaxy at the movies.

It's been an excellent day.


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