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A bit too late on a monday night - I've got volunteering tomorrow
cinnamon sparrow
I haven't been blogging partly because of the risk of it turning into all the SVU - I'm nearly finished season 6, and also mucking around with some fanfic ideas on the side, including (mostly Australian) legal system research, which is going slowly because my brain likes going 'no, searching that on google is bad and will make bad happen' * headdesk *

(I really screwed up the legals one with a massive conflict of interest problem, as in my main mine-character is meant to be legally representing my main not-mine-character, but the victim of the crime not-mine-character is accused of is mine-character's sister. There are ways I can sort of get around it without changing anything, but it's really not ideal as far as plausibility goes. )

Life has been randomly interesting. I volunteered at a community festival at a sausage sizzle, which I handled well even though it got really busy. I have my food handlers' certificate and I've done an espresso coffee course - both useful for volunteering at the fruit shop-slash-cafe, except that the way they make coffees at the cafe is different to the way I learnt at the course. The way the espresso teacher makes chai is the best. Chai spices (not powder) and soy milk and honey. It was amazing.

And so...

Reading: The Truth, Terry Pratchett. I hadn't read anything of his before, and now, well... yeah. It took a bit to get into? I'm at the point where I'm starting to get into it, but it hasn't really grabbed me. It's funny, yes, but it doesn't character in a way I have feelings about? Though I have the feeling that I would get better character out of the witch books or the watch books.

Before that, I finished City of Bones, Cassandra Clare. was okay? The plotting kind of sucked, as in, most of it was chain-of-events and felt like it was providing actiony filler before the end plot kicked in a couple of chapters before the end. Like the plot wasn't going anywhere.

Writing: Some. Sort of. I'm at about 6K on the new draft of Chained... and I've been there for a week because I got stuck and haven't put enough time into getting unstuck. Yet. The SVU fic with the legals has 3K I think, but I... uh. Still need to figure out how the murder needs to happen to have all the elements and the outcome I want. It's messy. Pun not intended.


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