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cinnamon sparrow
Today at volunteering the boss-people weren't there; but their part-time admin was, and it was kind of interesting. The usual collection of volunteers and community services placement people were there, making about five of us and not much to do.

There was also a cool woman who was talking very eloquently about how basically economics is bullshit and banks are bullshit, and how things have been changing away from stuff being local community centred. Cool stuff.

The creepydude wasn't there today either, which was good. Long story short, he said inappropriate things, I wrote them down later and went '...this is beyond some sort of innocent slip-up', I told the 2IC, because the boss-boss is on holiday, she said that I didn't have to deal with him if I felt uncomfortable with it. I would have liked to have gone into more detail, because the list I have kind of goes from... I think it's plausible that the dude may be an actual predator, but I'm not sure that if I raise anything that 2IC will do anything, and the boss-boss won't be back for at least another week. 2IC also indicated that said dude was creepy, but didn't say anything to me until she thought I was asking for an excuse to not-deal with him, and I'm a bit annoyed because I could have used confirmation that she thought he was creepy to make better decisions rather than assuming that he was probably harmless.

So yay, he wasn't there today.

Reading: Kin, Lili St Crow. I'm not very far in, but it is the usual awesome. It's the third book in her YA fairytale series, and the setting is really cool. The books themselves are pretty dark, though. As in the second book, the Cinderella one, is basically about family violence.

Writing: kinda stuck, whine. Small whine. Kind of stuck on Chained, again-again; the fanfic I Should Not Be Writing is having fun eating up brainspace while stubbornly refusing to pull into a shape where I can work on it. It is good research-practise though, in that most of what I need to know is, or should be, publicly findable *somewhere*.


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