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My hands still smell like chlorine
cinnamon sparrow
I finally got out of the fruitshop almost an hour late - the dog of one of the volunteer's was sick and we closed early because we were shortstaffed, so they needed me to help clean up. Hence the chlorine - aka bleach solution.

I had sort of planned to post on the weekend but I kind of didn't organise myself very well. That one post that I wanted to do kind of turned into three, though. And also, I made a conscious effort not to engage in my usual method of using my downtime, so I ended up watching a couple more of the movies I owned but hadn't watched, finished reading Kin, painted my nails, planted the thyme I brought home from the fruit shop last week but hadn't planted yet, washed my clothes, played Jill of the Jungle again, wrote.

It was a good weekend, even if I didn't get around to posting.

Reading: Finished Kin, Tales of Beauty and Madness book 3, Lili St. Crow. I find that this author is consistently pretty awesome. I love the way she uses words and the worldbuilding is amazeballs, even if I'm not completely sure when the timeline departed from ours (magical apocalypse, basically) and don't entirely understand what's going on (most of the worldbuilding is by implication, rather than being spelt out). However, … content warning for partner violence.

Writing: A scene of the fanfic was bugging me so I wrote it. Unfortunately, it was an endy scene and I'm sure I'll have to change some part of it by the time I actually get up to it. Fortunately, I wrote some of the start (again) this morning.

I probably won't be posting anything tomorrow - I won't be free until probably 9:30 tomorrow night, as my tuesdays usually go.


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