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I think, maybe....
cinnamon sparrow
... that I might give myself more time to finish the novella.

I started rewriting the start monday and yesterday; and it's not just okay, but good. Something I'm happy with, rather than just being good enough. But the new start bits need to be joined up to the old bits, and I need to describe what was actually happening more, rather then infodumping, and weave the new bits in and make sure I have setting-description everywhere so people aren't just talking in a void, and rewrite the ending, because it is serious zero-draft stuff.

It will be good, when I make it that way. And when, not if.

I also need to slow down - I've been writing at sprint-pace for a month, and it's - I think I started to wind down and wind out last weekend. Or maybe it was just the 'I don't wannas' rearing their ugly head.

It would be nice, also, to have actual time to put into cover and layout design (and to get the freaking EIN), and to have some kind of professional-ish web prescence and or mailing list thing, so I can put the actual links in the back of the book, so everyone will have those links rather than only anyone who buys it a month after it was released.

A baby writing career. I should probably be more terrified.

And also-also it would be really nice to make plans for something resembling a celebration on my birthday. I will be 30, after all. May as well enjoy it.


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