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What happens when I haven't updated for far too long...
cinnamon sparrow
(Written Wednesday 16 September 2015)

I'd intended to clear out my Firefox links to Tumblr today, but I'm started to feel tired, and it would probably eat more of my brain than I'd like. Hopefully I might have some brain for writing sometime today. [ETA - didn't happen :( ]

It occurred to me that when I spend more time at work, I have less brain to interact with people on the internet with, and that hits affects the amount of posts I make to LJ and DW. It's not merely how much time I spend out of the house, but how demanding of energy things are, and the fruitshop/cafe is getting a little bit worse because there's a new admin and sometimes I have to show them things. So I lose some energy dealing with New Person on a fairly regular basis, and, well... I write posts sometimes? Half of which linger on my desktop forever because it's easier to type up a new post than it is to edit an old one.


I have finished reading Moon Called. It was kind of cool until the werewolves became a proper fixture, and then they were all dominant/submissive, and of course all the major players were domininant types. Nnngh. At least Keri Arthur was very explicit about what she was doing. I'm glad I haven't run into a great amount of that kind of werewolf thing (and I kind of want to write a thing just to skewer that kind of dynamic now) - I'm fine with people writing D/S, but in name of all that's holy why does that need to be entwined with wolfiness, or animal-ness at all? Real wolves don't do that. I very much doubt real anything does that to that degree.


Oh, um, apparently my Irish teacher thinks its fun to poke fun at politicians losing their games of musical chairs until his pretty loses his chair. Ah well. I now have a handful of future tense verbs written in my exercise book, and their corresponding present and past tenses. As for me, I... I'm hopeful again, I guess you could say. Right now, I think I could live with it if Turnbull won the next election. I have a feeling that the Greens are going to win a hell of a lot of seats then as well, but it's still a long time away.


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