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Posty! yay!
cinnamon sparrow
I always like posting little rambly things, it helps clear out the gunk in my head, or at least give it form.

So, um, fanfic this morning, there was a scene which I'm not up to yet and some plotting. I figured out a couple of weeks ago that I need to be working from the emote-start of the story and not the start-start, because it's easier to do those scenes and then go back and figure out what I need in terms of setup, rather than writing the setup and then needing different scenes. Because there's a character hanging around who I may or may not need until a bit later in the story

Um, maybe I should stop talking around what I'm doing. The main plot is that my canon-main got set up for a murder, and my main original character ends up getting involved in trying to get the canon-main off. The emote-start is the set of scenes between canon-main being brought into police custody and him being arraigned. And he is epically unhappy (I belatedly realised that this precise set of circumstances is probably literally the worst thing that could happen to him), and my oc is epically unhappy (her sister's just been murdered), and I need to make sure all that works before I can go back with establishing scenes.

And also general plotting hell, but I can figure stuff out. This is literally the most complex thing I've tried to plot, because a lot of it is court stuff and there are so many moving parts, and I couldn't simplify it because I need there to be enough evidence -somewhere- to be able to prove it was a setup.


Am reading Chimera by Mira Grant at the moment. I'm kind of realising that there's a massive metaphor for certain kinds of disability in there, but I can't go into it without spoilering the first book.


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