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Damn it, I just wanted to start a new blog somewhere for my dumb shit where it could be publically visible but where I could lock down interaction if I need to/want to, but you can't stop reblogging on Wordpress, and I hate all their blog themes, and wah.

I just wanted to make a thing in the middle of nowhere so I could engage in my mental 'I can't hurt anyone with my special interest because I've taken it into my heavily-signposted fortress in the middle of nowhere, if that bothers you Its Now Your Fault'.

Gah. I just wanted post-queueing and comment-locking and *control*. Hah. I guess I have the site anyway, I should go ahead and use it.
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This would have gone up days ago if my internet hadn't been playing up

(originally written on 31 March 2016)

I was kind of swallowed up by Final Fantasy 13-2 last weekend, so I didn't post. My housemate asked me to play it, partly because her computer was broken and being fixed.


Ukulele group is kind of getting ready for a performance in a month's time, and I was telling another member that I wasn't sure if I wanted to perform with the group because some of the songs bother me - one of the songs from 1916 has f** in it, another that they might not play anyway has the g-slur in it, and I'm not sure that it's even worth trying to explain that one just because it's so damned culturally ingrained that it will be hard to get people to listen. ...I should still try, though

Guess who's the only person under the age of fifty in the group? It me.


My housemate leant me an awesome book - Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime, by Val McDermid. McDermid is a crime author who started out in journalism as a crime reporter, so she's interviewed people - people who are at the top of their forensic fields - and researched the lives and work of the people who pioneered the forensic fields she looks at.

The book goes into the history of different forensic techniques - who pioneered them, how they became accepted techniques for recovering useful information for the police, and who's using them now, what is it like? There are anecdotes about actual investigations that these people have taken part in, not all ending in convictions or even leading to the killer.

It's really well organised, it flows really well. It is gory in places, it might be hard for people with triggers for sexual abuse, domestic violence or rape. Or animal abuse - uh, some of the ways people figured out how things worked are pretty awful. It is really, really good, and I've still got two chapters to go.

(Edit: 2 April 2016 - finished it, still amazing. The last chapter is on the courtroom; both what happens when forensic specialists gets called in as expert witnesses, what some of them think of the adversarial system, and all that. I found it really cool.)


Written 3 April 2016

I finished Final Fantasy 13-2 last night, for the first time. The ending was really evil, except I didn't care about the characters that much so I didn't care about the ending that much either. Turns out travelling all of time for fun and profit (and also to save the future) has some nasty downsides.

And its daylight savings! My computer told me. Thank you, computer!
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Posty! yay!

I always like posting little rambly things, it helps clear out the gunk in my head, or at least give it form.

So, um, fanfic this morning, there was a scene which I'm not up to yet and some plotting. I figured out a couple of weeks ago that I need to be working from the emote-start of the story and not the start-start, because it's easier to do those scenes and then go back and figure out what I need in terms of setup, rather than writing the setup and then needing different scenes. Because there's a character hanging around who I may or may not need until a bit later in the story

Um, maybe I should stop talking around what I'm doing. The main plot is that my canon-main got set up for a murder, and my main original character ends up getting involved in trying to get the canon-main off. The emote-start is the set of scenes between canon-main being brought into police custody and him being arraigned. And he is epically unhappy (I belatedly realised that this precise set of circumstances is probably literally the worst thing that could happen to him), and my oc is epically unhappy (her sister's just been murdered), and I need to make sure all that works before I can go back with establishing scenes.

And also general plotting hell, but I can figure stuff out. This is literally the most complex thing I've tried to plot, because a lot of it is court stuff and there are so many moving parts, and I couldn't simplify it because I need there to be enough evidence -somewhere- to be able to prove it was a setup.


Am reading Chimera by Mira Grant at the moment. I'm kind of realising that there's a massive metaphor for certain kinds of disability in there, but I can't go into it without spoilering the first book.
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What happens when I haven't updated for far too long...

(Written Wednesday 16 September 2015)

I'd intended to clear out my Firefox links to Tumblr today, but I'm started to feel tired, and it would probably eat more of my brain than I'd like. Hopefully I might have some brain for writing sometime today. [ETA - didn't happen :( ]

It occurred to me that when I spend more time at work, I have less brain to interact with people on the internet with, and that hits affects the amount of posts I make to LJ and DW. It's not merely how much time I spend out of the house, but how demanding of energy things are, and the fruitshop/cafe is getting a little bit worse because there's a new admin and sometimes I have to show them things. So I lose some energy dealing with New Person on a fairly regular basis, and, well... I write posts sometimes? Half of which linger on my desktop forever because it's easier to type up a new post than it is to edit an old one.


I have finished reading Moon Called. It was kind of cool until the werewolves became a proper fixture, and then they were all dominant/submissive, and of course all the major players were domininant types. Nnngh. At least Keri Arthur was very explicit about what she was doing. I'm glad I haven't run into a great amount of that kind of werewolf thing (and I kind of want to write a thing just to skewer that kind of dynamic now) - I'm fine with people writing D/S, but in name of all that's holy why does that need to be entwined with wolfiness, or animal-ness at all? Real wolves don't do that. I very much doubt real anything does that to that degree.


Oh, um, apparently my Irish teacher thinks its fun to poke fun at politicians losing their games of musical chairs until his pretty loses his chair. Ah well. I now have a handful of future tense verbs written in my exercise book, and their corresponding present and past tenses. As for me, I... I'm hopeful again, I guess you could say. Right now, I think I could live with it if Turnbull won the next election. I have a feeling that the Greens are going to win a hell of a lot of seats then as well, but it's still a long time away.
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I think, maybe....

... that I might give myself more time to finish the novella.

I started rewriting the start monday and yesterday; and it's not just okay, but good. Something I'm happy with, rather than just being good enough. But the new start bits need to be joined up to the old bits, and I need to describe what was actually happening more, rather then infodumping, and weave the new bits in and make sure I have setting-description everywhere so people aren't just talking in a void, and rewrite the ending, because it is serious zero-draft stuff.

It will be good, when I make it that way. And when, not if.

I also need to slow down - I've been writing at sprint-pace for a month, and it's - I think I started to wind down and wind out last weekend. Or maybe it was just the 'I don't wannas' rearing their ugly head.

It would be nice, also, to have actual time to put into cover and layout design (and to get the freaking EIN), and to have some kind of professional-ish web prescence and or mailing list thing, so I can put the actual links in the back of the book, so everyone will have those links rather than only anyone who buys it a month after it was released.

A baby writing career. I should probably be more terrified.

And also-also it would be really nice to make plans for something resembling a celebration on my birthday. I will be 30, after all. May as well enjoy it.
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Continuum this weekend! Yay!

(Whose finalisting their costume this morning? Me! Booo...)

I was going to lock a couple of posts and stuff, because I'm an idiot, but like, on any social media where I say more than 'I did a thing, would you like to enjoy the thing?', I'm going to eventually say or do something that... that is not entirely socially acceptable, or just really ill-advised, and I need to figure out how to cope with that

Reading: Finished Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins, and then read Siren Beat Byt Tansy Rayner Roberts, which was the awesome - urban fantasy where the monsters come in from the sea to make trouble. Haven't started the other novella with it yet.

Writing: a big fat none.

Other: ukulele events the last two saturdays - there was a play-along at the community centre's festival last weekend, which was pretty good but reminded me that I don't cope great with playing with the music on my knees and feeling like I don't know what's going on. Weekend before, a uke group came down to the centre to play with our group, and the centre advertised it so a couple of other people came around and it was huge and awesome and the other group had better songs and players than us :)
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My hands still smell like chlorine

I finally got out of the fruitshop almost an hour late - the dog of one of the volunteer's was sick and we closed early because we were shortstaffed, so they needed me to help clean up. Hence the chlorine - aka bleach solution.

I had sort of planned to post on the weekend but I kind of didn't organise myself very well. That one post that I wanted to do kind of turned into three, though. And also, I made a conscious effort not to engage in my usual method of using my downtime, so I ended up watching a couple more of the movies I owned but hadn't watched, finished reading Kin, painted my nails, planted the thyme I brought home from the fruit shop last week but hadn't planted yet, washed my clothes, played Jill of the Jungle again, wrote.

It was a good weekend, even if I didn't get around to posting.

Reading: Finished Kin, Tales of Beauty and Madness book 3, Lili St. Crow. I find that this author is consistently pretty awesome. I love the way she uses words and the worldbuilding is amazeballs, even if I'm not completely sure when the timeline departed from ours (magical apocalypse, basically) and don't entirely understand what's going on (most of the worldbuilding is by implication, rather than being spelt out). However, … content warning for partner violence.

Writing: A scene of the fanfic was bugging me so I wrote it. Unfortunately, it was an endy scene and I'm sure I'll have to change some part of it by the time I actually get up to it. Fortunately, I wrote some of the start (again) this morning.

I probably won't be posting anything tomorrow - I won't be free until probably 9:30 tomorrow night, as my tuesdays usually go.
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Big Hero 6 and other things

I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to try to post every day. Or to at least try.

However, the post I had written for today is being postponed while I make sure I'm happy with it, and that it says what I need it to say.

So I'll just have to write another one. :)

I watched Big Hero 6 for the first time this afternoon. It is a really good movie, I liked its themes a lot (questioning use of violence, mainly) and it gave me feels. I have nitpicks about the story being so strongly about Hiro and (the robot) that the rest of the team could have been taken out and it wouldn't have affected the plot much - which would have been sad, because I really liked the team, especially Honey and GoGo. I think they may have made Honey darker-haired and darker-eyed for the DVD release?

There is an after-credits scene, and if you have seen the movie and haven't seen it, you need to.

The short that came with it, Feast, was gorgeous and gave me feels (and also DOGGY!), but was kinda misogynistic in the way stuff gets when no one questions the defaults that are being referenced.

I'm having brain-soup thoughts about violence in media, and the relationship between violence and power and gender (I also watched Snow White and the Huntsman again after Big Hero 6, and I'm on a temporary break from SVU), but I'm not sure I'll be able to get them coherent enough to make an actual post on it. Not right now, at least.
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Today at volunteering the boss-people weren't there; but their part-time admin was, and it was kind of interesting. The usual collection of volunteers and community services placement people were there, making about five of us and not much to do.

There was also a cool woman who was talking very eloquently about how basically economics is bullshit and banks are bullshit, and how things have been changing away from stuff being local community centred. Cool stuff.

The creepydude wasn't there today either, which was good. Long story short, he said inappropriate things, I wrote them down later and went '...this is beyond some sort of innocent slip-up', I told the 2IC, because the boss-boss is on holiday, she said that I didn't have to deal with him if I felt uncomfortable with it. I would have liked to have gone into more detail, because the list I have kind of goes from... I think it's plausible that the dude may be an actual predator, but I'm not sure that if I raise anything that 2IC will do anything, and the boss-boss won't be back for at least another week. 2IC also indicated that said dude was creepy, but didn't say anything to me until she thought I was asking for an excuse to not-deal with him, and I'm a bit annoyed because I could have used confirmation that she thought he was creepy to make better decisions rather than assuming that he was probably harmless.

So yay, he wasn't there today.

Reading: Kin, Lili St Crow. I'm not very far in, but it is the usual awesome. It's the third book in her YA fairytale series, and the setting is really cool. The books themselves are pretty dark, though. As in the second book, the Cinderella one, is basically about family violence.

Writing: kinda stuck, whine. Small whine. Kind of stuck on Chained, again-again; the fanfic I Should Not Be Writing is having fun eating up brainspace while stubbornly refusing to pull into a shape where I can work on it. It is good research-practise though, in that most of what I need to know is, or should be, publicly findable *somewhere*.