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Reading: Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie. I feel like I'm having trouble following characters and events through the flashback chapters and the 'now' chapters. And the gender thing is kind of - it is so much easier to think of everyone as female. I like it, but actually understanding what is going on in great depth is beyond my capacity right now. It would be better in rereads.

Writing: Nothing right now. I had planned to make a new years' resolution to work on a story that was both tertiary world fantasy and isn't mostly plotted around a romance, because that's the kind of setting that had me wanting to write in the first place and I haven't actually finished a novel. It doesn't help that I can't tell whether Chained is a distraction or not when I'm working on it, and Dragonshifter is main-plot romance and probably shouldn't be.

I think my actual problem with not-doing research is that I need to see a clear path between the information I want and how to acquire that information. And with tertiary world fantasies I tend to start from 'I want this to not look like any other real-world culture but be internally consistent', and that's not really a lot to go on.


Dear Brain:

...the hell?

So you managed to figure out how to manufacture an obsession with a character out of nothing more than forebrain declaring 'I like this character' and 'it would be really cool if I wrote a fanfic where x happens to character.' That is... either extremely cool or highly disturbing.


Whyyyyyyyyy did it have to be a character on *that* tv show? Because that is literally the only tv show that Housemate owns that has made you go 'nope, not watching more of that episode', where the main character sometimes drives you up the wall, and the things that happen on there are pretty terrible.

And it's not even cool like Criminal Minds.

(It's terrible like Criminal Minds, though)

Whyyyyyyy did it have to be SVU? Whyyyyyyyy?


(Honestly, right now I think Criminal Minds is worse.)

I'm kind of oscillating between 'it's cool, lots of people watch this, right?' and the occasional 'oh dear gods how the hell do I even watch this, that's awful.'

I don't know. I have thoughts about how I see it as being fairly conservative while it sees itself as somewhat liberal, I have thoughts about some specific sexism, I have thoughts on cast diversity... I have thoughts.


(Aaand this is having a high-ish chance of ending up with fanfic - not the one I first got in my head for reasons but still - I mainly need to research the Australian legal system, and I think I have some rough ideas where to start, and if I'm wrong a certain amount of what I need will be publicly available somewhere. So kind of good middle-ground to start tackling the research problem.)

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Sorry, I'd seen this comment before but I hadn't gotten around to replying.

Wow, that didn't occur to me while reading, but yeah, that is actually really problematic, and potentially triggering D:

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