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This would have gone up days ago if my internet hadn't been playing up
cinnamon sparrow
(originally written on 31 March 2016)

I was kind of swallowed up by Final Fantasy 13-2 last weekend, so I didn't post. My housemate asked me to play it, partly because her computer was broken and being fixed.


Ukulele group is kind of getting ready for a performance in a month's time, and I was telling another member that I wasn't sure if I wanted to perform with the group because some of the songs bother me - one of the songs from 1916 has f** in it, another that they might not play anyway has the g-slur in it, and I'm not sure that it's even worth trying to explain that one just because it's so damned culturally ingrained that it will be hard to get people to listen. ...I should still try, though

Guess who's the only person under the age of fifty in the group? It me.


My housemate leant me an awesome book - Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime, by Val McDermid. McDermid is a crime author who started out in journalism as a crime reporter, so she's interviewed people - people who are at the top of their forensic fields - and researched the lives and work of the people who pioneered the forensic fields she looks at.

The book goes into the history of different forensic techniques - who pioneered them, how they became accepted techniques for recovering useful information for the police, and who's using them now, what is it like? There are anecdotes about actual investigations that these people have taken part in, not all ending in convictions or even leading to the killer.

It's really well organised, it flows really well. It is gory in places, it might be hard for people with triggers for sexual abuse, domestic violence or rape. Or animal abuse - uh, some of the ways people figured out how things worked are pretty awful. It is really, really good, and I've still got two chapters to go.

(Edit: 2 April 2016 - finished it, still amazing. The last chapter is on the courtroom; both what happens when forensic specialists gets called in as expert witnesses, what some of them think of the adversarial system, and all that. I found it really cool.)


Written 3 April 2016

I finished Final Fantasy 13-2 last night, for the first time. The ending was really evil, except I didn't care about the characters that much so I didn't care about the ending that much either. Turns out travelling all of time for fun and profit (and also to save the future) has some nasty downsides.

And its daylight savings! My computer told me. Thank you, computer!


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